Can I Change Window Styles When I Replace Windows?

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26 Jan, 2021
Can I Change Window Styles When I Replace Windows?

Don’t just replace windows, make them better with features and options that will add value to your home and make living easier. The replacement windows available today are available with more options, plus they are more durable and energy efficient. Here are some ideas to turn your window replacement project into a satisfying success.

What types of windows are in your home now? More importantly, you should determine the style of windows you want in your home following the replacement project. Double hungs are windows that open by sliding the top or bottom sash up and down. Casements crank or push open like a door. Gliders open by sliding the sash side to side. Consider bay windows, picture windows or European-style tilt turn windows.

Consider how easy it is to open and or clean your current windows. How about the view? Perhaps you would prefer larger windows to let in more light. You can transform a large, blank wall with the addition of a new window. Another common change is adding windows that open to increase your home’s ventilation. Marvin’s venting picture window might be the perfect choice.

Style and Architecture
Maybe you live in a modern ranch that’s being transformed into an cozy Arts and Crafts bungalow. Or you want to restore a Victorian to its true splendor. Consulting with a window specialist at a high end showroom such as AWD-Authentic Window Design puts you in touch with experts who know architecture and windows like the back of their hand. They’ll help you choose the right look and style.

For a truly new appearance, you can select from a collection of design options rather than merely keeping the same type of window.  Or, you can update your style with the same type of window but add an entirely new look. Consider these changes to window details that add up to beautiful décor.

Wood Interiors
Add richness and warmth with genuine wood. The look may be so beautiful you’ll be tempted to leave off the window treatments.

Divided Lite Patterns
Nowadays the dividers on window panes represent the architectural lines that used to be created when windows were made of multiple smaller panes of glass joined together by caulk and wood. But divided lite bars are by no means old fashioned. While usually divided lite patterns are grids and straight lines, Marvin windows and doors can make a custom lite pattern to suit any vision, even winding vines.

Window Frame Color
If you’re getting new windows, did you know you can change their color without painting? Two excellent materials for the job are fiberglass and aluminum cladding. If you choose a brand like Marvin, you can have these rich, beautiful colors to accent the exterior of your home, without the worry of painting or staining. Marvin’s finishes meet the highest industry standards and look like new for decades.

The answer is yes, you can replace your windows with a completely different style of window.  Keep in mind the size of your existing window opening.  Often, it is possible to make the opening larger or smaller, and in some cases replace a window with a door or vice versa.  Contact an AWD replacement specialist for more information.

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