About Glider Windows

About Glider Windows

About Glider Windows

Glider windows, also referred to as sliding windows, easily slide open side-to-side on tracks. These smooth operating windows require no lifting, so they are ideal for had to reach places like over a sink. For those places in your home where you do not want a window that cranks open like a casement or lifts up and down like a double hung window, this versatile window is the ideal solution. It’s space saving design provides a classic or contemporary look that provides more natural light and extra ventilation where needed.


Sliding Window Variations


AWD glider sliding kitchen windowDual Sash. This type of sliding window has two sashes. One can slide fully over the other or you can choose to slide both windows toward the center for ventilation on both ends. Or you can choose to have a fixed stationary window and only one side can open. You decide if you want a left or right opening.


Triple Sash. This option features a large picture window in the center and a window on each side that can slide open toward the middle.  Triple sash glider windows allow more light and added ventilation.  Choose the layout that works best with your home.



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Glider Window Features

  • Tilt open glider sliding window for cleaningAt certain sizes, glider windows can meet egress requirements in bedrooms
  • Space saving design when windows that swing outward are not convenient, like over decks or patios
  • The sashes can be tilted and removed for easy cleaning
  • Safety control devices to limit how much the window can be opened
  • Choose different interior and exterior colors to match your home’s décor
  • Hardware design options in the color you want
  • Dual pane or triple pane glass options
  • Choose from many screen options

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