What You Should Know About Fiberglass Replacement Windows

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15 Jul, 2021
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Fiberglass is light material, yet is incredibly durable. This fiber-reinforced plastic is used to manufacture boats, aircraft, bathtubs and protection gear in sports. The light weight, strength and high temperature properties of fiberglass makes it useful in many products, including windows. Logic would dictate that the many benefits of fiberglass would be used to make the windows, a focal point of a home that must deliver durability, energy efficiency, ease of use and beauty. Fiberglass windows have it all. For your next window replacement or home renovation, consider fiberglass windows.

The Energy Efficiency of Fiberglass Windows

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Fiberglass window frames, when subjected to changes in temperature, expand at the same rate as the glass. This avoids the foggy, moisture between the glass panes that happens with other windows. Fiberglass also conducts heat at a much lower rate than steel or aluminum windows. This stability and strength makes fiberglass windows the perfect the window replacement option. In addition, sand is a main ingredient of fiberglass. Fiberglass windows use this abundant resource and less energy is needed to produce fiberglass.

The Strength and Durability of Fiberglass Windows

Homeowners might consider vinyl replacement windows, but the fact of the matter is fiberglass is 8 times stronger. This strength allows for narrower frames and more glass for you. Fiberglass windows resist the elements, and will not warp, corrode, rot or rust. You can enjoy the beauty and comfort of fiberglass windows installed in your home with minimal maintenance. Don’t expect fiberglass window frames to dent or chip.

The Beauty of Fiberglass Windows

AWD Authentic Window Design offers all-fiberglass windows or an option with a durable fiberglass exterior to protect against the elements with a rich wood interior to match your décor. Beautiful finish options offer a wide selection of colors. Choose from all the window styles (double hung, casements, awning, bay windows, etc) or select beautiful round-top arched windows.

Fiberglass Window Installation or Replacement

If you want durable, energy efficient and affordable windows, talk to the window replacement experts at Authentic Window Design. AWD supplies and installs Marvin fiberglass windows, and backs our work with a Lifetime Installation Warranty. Furthermore, Marvin’s fiberglass windows were voted Highest Quality Fiberglass Windows 8 years in a row in the annual Builder Magazine Brand Use survey of construction professionals. Contact us for a free, no-obligation window consultation. Although fiberglass windows are not as inexpensive as vinyl or aluminum windows, the durability and energy efficiency ensure you will not need to worry about your windows again.

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