About Awning Windows

About Awning Windows

About Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top swing open from the bottom with a crank or by manually pushing the sash. Locking hardware is located at the bottom for easy operation. Awning windows are generally wider than they are tall. They work well as a stand-alone window or when used as design option to accentuate picture or casement windows. Awning windows can be installed near the ceiling to allow warm air to escape. When installed higher from the floor, extender poles are available to turn the crank opening mechanism. These versatile windows can be opened when raining for fresh air.


Awning Window Variations


Marvin Essential Awning WIndows AWDPush Out. This design offers easy operation and narrow profiles for maximum views. Push out awning windows open easily by simply turning the handle and pushing the sash open.

Crank Open. A handle turns clockwise or counterclockwise to open and close the window. This design option can be placed high off the floor, unlike the push out awning, because an extender pole can hook onto the handle to operate the window when it is out of reach. 

Oversized.  For truly inspiring views out your window coupled with a fresh breeze to cool your home, Awning windows are available in sizes up to 8 feet wide or 8 feet tall.


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Awning Window Features

  • Marvin Modern Crank Open Awning Window AWDAvailable in widths up to 8 feet or heights of 8 feet with easy operation at any size
  • Interior screen stays cleaner and protects your home from debris, leaves and insects
  • Complement other window types and can generally be placed higher on a wall than other windows
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Choose different interior and exterior colors to match your  d├ęcor
  • Hardware and handle design options in the color you want
  • Dual pane or triple pane glass options

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