Window Types: Double Hung Window Styles

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30 Oct, 2012
Window Types: Double Hung Window Styles

Double Hung windows have two sashes that move up and down. There are many double hung window types, especially if you select a brand such as Marvin, a made-to-order window with virtually limitless combinations of feature and options.

Round top
Marvin windows reintroduced the round top window to the industry decades ago, at a time when they were forgotten by other window manufacturers. Today Marvin round top double hungs are sold in a variety of shapes and types. They even have a round top that’s made to fit into a square open, ideal for masonry or other situations where the opening’s shape is not easily altered.

Chain and pulley double hung
Marvin has replicated this historic type of window, found on home built in the early 20th century and before. Like the original windows, the sashes are counter balanced with a chain and pulley connected to steel weights.  These windows are stunning examples of Marvin’s ability to replicate the past, while incorporating the best of modern engineering. The effect is modern convenience without compromising aesthetics.

Cottage style
The architectural definition of a cottage style window is one in which the lower sash is taller than the upper one. These windows often also have divided lite patterns on either the upper, the lower, or both sashes.

Casements made to look like double hungs
Thanks to Marvin’s capabilities, you can even have a casement window (one that swings open like a door) that includes a simulated check rail and other details the give it the look of double hung window.

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