The Best Place For A Picture Window In Your Home

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24 Jul, 2012
The Best Place For A Picture Window In Your Home

Besides living rooms, there are many other places that picture windows can add beauty and brightness to your home. Of course it’s easy to imagine a grand feature wall with picture windows as a focal point, but many homeowners are opting to add a view to a kitchen, bedroom or even a bathroom. It’s all part of an ongoing trend to marry the outdoors with every part of the inside of our homes.

The architect Frank Lloyd Wright understood the power of well placed windows, even when wall space and the view were factors. Wright used clerestory windows (pronounced like “clear story” windows) to make rooms feel taller and more open. Clerestory windows are place above eye view, and give buildings like churches a soaring, airy feel. So imagine bringing this feeling to a bedroom or bath area, adding daylight and views of the sky and tress without compromising privacy or covering up with window treatments.

Adding a picture window above or below your kitchen cabinets can add a brightening lift without making a huge change. In fact, a trend to replace the backsplash area with windows has more than just an aesthetic advantage. Your countertops will be bathed in natural light, letting you reduce artificial lighting and eyestrain, while enjoying the changing look and mood of the room as the sun moves from dawn to dusk. What’s more, time in the kitchen will feel better spent if you can feel more connected to the outdoors.

Photo Credit: Kevin Hutchins via Flickr

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