Specialty Doors: Advantages Of The Marvin Bi-Fold Line

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17 Jan, 2013
Specialty Doors: Advantages Of The Marvin Bi-Fold Line

Specialty doors are an exciting way to open up your home to the outdoors. Discover true luxury indoor/outdoor living with the Bi-Fold door from Marvin Windows and Doors. Bi-Fold doors can be made up of two to eight panels, which glide easily on a recessed track to act like a movable wall in your home. An optional single swinging panel allows easy access without having to move all the panels.

Often specialty doors can compromise the comfort and energy efficiency of a room, however Marvin has added comprehensive weatherstripping, not to mention Marvin’s renowned fit that ensure an excellent seal against the outdoor extremes when you want to keep the weather out. In addition, the same multipoint locking system the helps make these doors energy efficient also make them secure to keep you and your family safe.

The main advantage of Marvin Bi-Fold door is that it creates a large, unobstructed opening which can truly open the interior of your home to the outdoors. Whether you are entertaining in an outdoor kitchen area, allowing guests to move freely between a deck and your living room, or would like to keep your family feeling close, whether they are seated outdoors or helping out in the kitchen, the Bi-Fold achieves it with style and elegance.

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