How Can Feature Windows Add Style To Your Home?

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09 Oct, 2012
How Can Feature Windows Add Style To Your Home?

The next time you’re out for a drive, pay extra attention to the homes that stand out as stylish. At first you may have a hard time deciding why. But you’ll begin to notice that many homes set themselves apart with feature windows.

Feature windows are ones that are unique from the rest of a home’s windows. They need not necessarily be large; in fact adding a smaller octagon window can give a unique accent to a blank spot on the front of your home, say in a stairwell. Other feature window shapes include round, triangular, trapezoid and half round. Arch top windows have a gentle curving shape like an eyebrow. Imagine adding a feature window to a front entry area that reveals a dramatic light fixture hung just inside.

If you have high ceilings, extending the size of a front picture window with transoms and side windows can make it more of a focal point. Round top windows are another excellent way to extend the view and give your home a distinctive look.

Another way to use feature windows to add style to your home is by including art or textured glass. Textured glass can have wavy, ribbed frosted patterns, or include light tints or stained glass.

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