Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Windows Looking New

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18 Apr, 2019
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Keep your windows looking like new with these helpful cleaning tips.  At AWD Authentic Window Design, we want to show you how to keep not only the glass clean, but the frame, locks and latches too.

Different Frames Need Different Care

  • Wood Frames. Wood windows should be washed with clean water or a mild solution of household detergent. Greasy or oily dirt on the frame may require stronger cleaning compounds. Never use solvents or abrasive cleaners on wood window frames.
  • Extruded Aluminum Frames. A soft brush can be used with clear water to remove dirt, dust and grime. You can also use a mild detergent such as dish soap, but test a very small, less noticeable spot first. Follow with a clean water rinse. Avoid abrasive applicators and stronger concentrated cleaners.
  • ULTREX Fiberglass Frames. Gently wipe the surface with a non-abrasive householdcleaner. You can use a mild, water based detergent and a soft cloth. Follow with a clear water rinse. Do not use abrasive materials or applicators, extreme pressure or scrubbing, solvents, paint thinner or any other chemicals on your fiberglass window frame.

Let the Locks and Latches Shine

Remember to keep the locks and latches looking like new.  Use a clean, soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and fingerprints.

Do not use household cleaners and window cleaning solutions, abrasive cleansers, bleaches, solvents, polishes, or other chemical compounds

Keep Door Sills and Tracks Clean

Regular sweeping will keep your door sills free of dirt and debris.  Wash only with mild soap and a water solution when necessary. Use 50% isopropyl alcohol to remove any sealant, grease or paint.

Avoid chemicals, solvents and other harsh substances

Crystal Clear Window Glass

Your windows are all about the view so keep them clean by using water and soap solution to loosen dirt or debris.  Next, rinse clean and wash with a mild glass cleaning solution and soft applicator. Avoid streaking by wiping from top to bottom with a clean dry cloth. Remember to wipe off any cleaning solution on the weather strip, sash, or frame.

Never use razor blades, knives or scrapers, abrasive applicators to clean your windows.

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