About Swinging French Doors

About Swinging French Doors

About Swinging French Doors

Swinging, or hinged doors, are the most common type of door. The door can open to the left or right, and can be designed to swing into the home or outwards. Doors are available in 1, 2 or 3 panel configurations and are often designed with two units opening at the center.


Swinging French Door Variations


Round Top inswing french doors AWD marvinInswing. These doors swing into the home and are ideal for conditions that may expose the door to the elements when open. Also, if the door is at the top of a staircase, it would be hazardous to have the door open over the stairs.

Outswing. If interior space is limited due to furnishings or other interior features, an outswing door is ideal because it will swing outwards from the home.

Round Top.  Arched or round top doors provide an elegant, graceful appearance. These doors can swing inward or outward.


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Swinging French Door Features

  • Authentic Window Design inswing marvin french doorInswing or outswing motion to meet design and weather constraints
  • Available in heights up to 9 feet or widths up to 14 feet
  • Multi-point locking system ensures a tight seal and security from top to bottom
  • Choose different interior and exterior colors to match your home’s décor
  • Hardware options in the color and style you want
  • Available with IZ3 coastal/hurricane certification
  • Adjustable hinges for years of smooth operation

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