Presenting…Any Color You Want

Super IS Department
12 Sep, 2012

Whatever your inspiration for color, Marvin will build a color around you.

Marvin will make any color window or door your heart desires and let you name your custom color. Simply provide a sample of any color you can imagine and your color’s name for Marvin to match. The sample can be a swatch of cloth, a favorite photo, a piece of shell or a wildflower. Your windows will have the color you love for a long, long time with our 20-year warranty against loss of adhesion, chalking and fading.

Marvin has the ability to apply a custom finish this deep and tough because Marvin offers extruded aluminum standard in all cladding components and exceeds all the finish standards of AAMA 2605. Unlike weaker rolled aluminum cladding components that can bend, stretch and stress the paint over time, Marvin’s more substantial cladding will take a thicker, stronger, more seamless 70% PVDF finish that won’t chalk, fade or lose adhesion. To get started on creating the window color of your dreams, contact the professionals at Authentic Window Designs at 866.581.3695.

Marvin Any Color You Want