Marvin Perfects a Classic, Introduces New Next Generation Clad Ultimate Double Hung

Super IS Department
26 Feb, 2014

Marvin® Windows and Doors introduces a classic that breaks all the rules. The new Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung features state-of-the-art hardware, operation, performance, and design. It is the perfect combination of innovation and Marvin’s legendary craftsmanship.

This window has no traditional lock and keeper. The keeperless hardware system gives homeowners a more modern window that is easy to operate. With one turn of the sweep, the bottom and top sash can be opened for venting. While one sash is open, the other sash can be locked, a feature exclusive to the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window.

The new multi-point locking system locks into the jamb and creates a tighter seal, improving performance and energy efficiency. The beauty of the window is enhanced by minimizing weather-strip and offering three colors that complement the finish. A narrower checkrail also makes the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung an ideal choice for historic renovations and new construction.

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Standard Angle Vent mode HR