Marvin Introduces 2 New Pearlescent Clad Colors

Super IS Department
17 Mar, 2014

Marvin Windows and Doors introduces two pearlescent finishes, Bright Silver and Copper, to their extensive portfolio of clad colors.

These two finishes appeal to modern design aesthetics with a look similar to anodized metal. The pearlescent coating is created with mica flakes that have enhanced performance over metallic or anodized finishes.

These two pearlescent finishes perform as well as other colors in the Marvin portfolio.Marvin’s clad products meet AAMA 2605 requirements and provide you and your customers with beauty and color that lasts. Our clad finishes are backed by a 20-year warranty. 

For details on Marvin’s new pearlescent colors, click here.

Pearlescent Copper Crnr  MW c Highres

Pearlescent Color Copper shown above.

Pearlescent Bright Silver Crnr  MW c Highres

Pearlescent Color Bright Silver shown above.