Integrity Focuses on Safety

Super IS Department
28 Feb, 2014

Integrity® windows and doors continue its commitment to offering products and solutions for your commercial projects.

Wood-Ultrex and All Ultrex Casement, Double Hung and Single Hung products are now available with an optional ASTM 2090-10 compliant window opening control device. When the device is engaged, it limits window openings to 4” or less. Disengage the device to utilize maximum opening of the window and automatically reengages when window is closed. 

Other features include:

  • Requires two distinct actions to disengage
  • Factory applied
  • Maintains all product WDMA Hallmark Certified Performance (DP) ratings
  • 10 calendar day delivery

Check your local building codes to confirm the specific requirements regarding Window Opening Control Devices, egress and all other compliance requirements applicable to your project or circumstances. 

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