What You Need To Know About Customized Windows

11 Oct, 2012
What You Need To Know About Customized Windows

Did you know that customized windows have an edge over brands that are made ahead and warehoused? Fit is a critical factor in the success of a window installation. Sure, an opening can be made to fit a window, but it’s far better when the window is made to fit the opening. When a window fits within the opening it’s made for, it forms a snug seal that keeps out drafts. No amount of tricks, caulking and carpentry can truly make up for an ill fitting window. Risks of poor window fit include water infiltration, a serious matter that can damage the walls and load bearing parts of your home.

If you have windows that are stuck closed, customized windows could be the answer. For windows to stay operating long term, they must stay square and true. Again, if a window is forced into an ill-fitting opening, the unequal pressure on the frame can cause it to bow or warp, eventually affecting your ability to open, close and lock it properly. Over time, this warping can also cause a seal failure, that’s when the air space between the glass is corrupted due to structural pressure on the window. The result is foggy views and compromised energy efficiency. Customized windows avoid this problem, fitting correctly in the opening and maintaining their ability to operate over time.

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