Energy Efficient In Over 150,000 Ways


With recent advances, even 10-year-old windows can be considered poor performers. New windows can provide 15 to 25 percent energy savings on monthly heating and cooling costs, according to the US Department of Energy. Marvin’s myriad efficiency options control three factors to earn the ENERGY STAR label:

Heat: thanks to their excellent ability to seal openings, Marvin products minimize the movement of heat, either in the form of heat loss in cool weather or heat gain (the entry of heat into your home) in the warm weather.

Air: Drafts and breezes make your home uncomfortable. When closed, Marvin products solidly stop airflow between the interior and exterior.

Sunlight: the beauty of glass is letting in the sun, unless it makes your home hot. In the winter, the sun’s heat can be a good thing. Marvin products control how sunlight passes through glass, giving you the beauty of daylight while harnessing or blocking the sun’s heat throughout the year.

With Marvin products, you can get just the right features for your regional climate conditions. AWD’s windows specialists will give you expert guidance to get the perfect fit for your home.